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Electricity Plugs

Temporary Power
& Heating

We can provide temporary power and heating solutions for a large variety of events. All systems are installed, tested and certified by our experienced technicians. 


  • 2-4Kva petrol generators

  • 20-100Kva diesel generators (road tow & skid mount)

  • Diesel powered tower lights

Distribution & Cabling

  • 32A -> 125A Three phase distribution boards

  • 13a -> 32a Single phase distribution boards

  • Large stock of y-splits and adapters

  • 32a -> 125a Three phase cabling

  • 16a & 32a cabling

Distro 3.jpg
diesel heater.jpg


  • Indirect oil fired heaters

  • Electric heaters

  • Ducting & diffusers

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