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Wedding Services

Take the hassle out of planning your big day. Let us provide all you need under one roof

Wedding Table Arrangement

Find out more about some of the services we offer below......
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String lights come in different forms, but all follow the same basic concept, lights on a string.

The two main types are festoon and fairy lights.

Festoon- White or black cable with bulbs spaced at varying distances to provide functional and or decorative light.

Fairy Lights- Clear or white cabling with LED pea lights in close spacing to provide a decorative light.


Uplighters not only add light, but colour too. All of out uplighters are LED, fully controllable, available mains or battery powered and can be used inside or out.

So whether it's an outdoor water feature or just a wall needing a bit of colour our uplighters will add a bit of atmosphere and grandeur.


From the ceremony to speeches and the all important boogie. All have elements that you want to be heard.

We can supply a variety of sizes depending of your requirements along with lapel and handled mics. You can choose to dry hire the system or get a tech to operate it for you.


A great way to add an extra bit of wow factor to your big day. We stock a lot of effects and props, some of the most popular are;

  • Love Letters

  • Red Carpet 

  • Gas Flambeaux

  • Confetti Cannons


If your big day is anywhere other than a permanent wedding venue, chances are you need some form of temporary power and heating solution. We can design, install and test a wide variety of systems dependent on your needs.


If terms like '40Kva diesel powered' & 'is that a direct or in-direct heater' make about much sense as your uncles dance moves, don't worry.


Our experienced staff will work out your requirements so you don't have to and create the right package for you.

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